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Tim grew up in central Pennsylvania. His father was an avid photography enthusiast with a black and white darkroom in basement. Tim was developing his own film and printing by the age of 11. This is where Tim spent countless hours on what would be a career that has compelled him for the last 30 years. After graduating from Penn State University with a degree in Fine Arts he spent some time traveling around the country. He ended up in Florida where for 15 years has shot advertising campaigns.

The passion for landscapes has grown within Tim over the last decade and now has taken center stage. It got to a point that he would travel to these beautiful locations on an advertising job wishing time allowed him to shoot landscape shots while he was there. "I finally told myself that I had to pursue this passion." From that moment on Tim threw himself into landscape photography full time. His images are published regularly in magazines, books, ads, greeting cards and calendars. His landscapes also grace the walls of collectors all over the country.

Tim’s photography tries to capture a feeling, not just an image. Anyone can go to a beautiful place and take a picture. Then they show their friend the picture and say it does not do the place justice and ‘you needed to be there’. Tim tries to do the place justice. He wants you to get the feeling that you were there when you look at his images.

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